FAQ - Omni X

Frequently Asked Questions

OMNI-X is powered by Sterling Bank.

OMNIX is Sterling Bank flagship, all-inclusive digital solutions platform, designed to offer end-to-end financial services to both financial and non-financial Institutions (FI/NFI’s) as well as large corporates, Multinationals and High Net worth Individuals.

OMNIX is different from other sterling bank platforms in the range of services provided and to whom it is targeted.

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The available product offerings on the platform ranges from Investment type products (T-Bills, FD /Call Placements, Discounted and Structured Notes) to Loan Products (Prime brokerage, Cash Backed TL/OD, Trade Settlement Financing Etc.) We also have transaction banking and advisory services.

No, the platform is only available to corporate clients. We have Specta, Doubble, Sterling Pro and One Bank for retail customers.

Investment pricing is determined by the current market rate. However, our rates are always very competitive in the market.

Just like other Sterling platforms, OMNIX is built with the current security and scalability challenges tested and passed.

Yes, your organization’s approval framework can be customized on OMNIX.

Yes, there is access to credit facilities on OMNI X such as Prime Brokerage, Loans etc.

OMNI X is enabled to handle RTGS transfers.

Should you encounter any challenges, please contact our customer service team below.
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